The real life bad boys of gossip girl

Rumor has it that Ed Westwick took a swing at a guy during a night out in NYC last week. A witness at hotspot SL told reporters that “Ed thought that one of the guys from the next table was taking a photo of him, but he was really just trying to get a shot of his girlfriend. Ed freaked out. He leapt up and tried to punch the guy, but completely missed.”

And after Ed missed, he asked security to kick the guy out. Although a spokesperson for the club negates the whole situation. “This never happened — Ed had a great time and there was no conflict of any kind,” they said.

We’re not quite sure who’s telling the truth here, but one thing is for sure… Ed Westwick does have a little bit of bad boy in him (like his character Chuck Bass, of course). And so does Chace Crawford, who plays Nate Archibald. Below, we recount some of their baddest moments in real life. Take a look and then vote in the poll for who you think is badder!

Ed’s Drunken Night Out – In June 2011, Ed and his friends knocked back tequila shots and then when a female fan approached him, he rudely replied to her to “get out of here.” He then decided to unplug the bar’s iPod and replace it with his own, even though he forgot to turn any actual music on.

Chace’s Pot Bust – In June 2010, Chace was home in Texas and a cop found an unlit joint of marijuana in his car. He was arrested for possession and bailed out shortly after. Later, he entered a plea deal saying he would be free if he was on good behavior for the next year (which he was!)

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: See Their “Breaking Dawn” Spawn

The grand finale of the "Twilight" movies is almost here — and today, we’ve got your first look at Edward and Bella’s half-vampire spawn!

Entertainment Weekly just debuted its new cover, featuring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and their "Breaking Dawn — Part 2" onscreen daughter, Renesmee.

11-year-old actress Mackenzie Foy plays the hybrid baby, who was born at the end of "Breaking Dawn — Part 1."

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